Why Choose HES?

  • HES offers innovative ways to reduce on-campus administrative expenses
  • HES improves the school’s cash flow through early receipt of tuition
  • HES provides the school with interest earnings through the investment of plan payments


The HES Payment Plan:

  • Can be adjusted to match your school calendar
  • Utilizes a fiduciary for investment of payments to assure maximum security of your school’s funds
  • Offers superior cash flow to your school through earlier receipt of funds
  • Provides comprehensive reporting via hard copy and on-line reports
  • Handles all contact with families, including due diligence on delinquent accounts
  • Offers a life insurance option for families enrolled in the plan

Customer Service

The most important service provided by HES is the customer service that we provide to both the school and its constituents. Customer service is the core of HES Services. HES will work hard to make your programs efficient, client oriented, productive and financially rewarding.

Students & Families


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