The Institute of World Politics allows you pay your tuition directly from your checking account. The transaction will appear as an automatic clearing house (ach) transaction on your bank statement. HES charges a $1.00 transaction fee or all electronic payments. In order to make an electronic payment you will need to complete the following information making sure that you have accurately listed your banking information. Once you have completed the form you will have a chance to review this information and you will be notified of the exact amount that will be deducted from your checking account. You will then have the option of accepting or rejecting the electronic payment. If you accept the electronic payment you are requesting that IWP deduct the specified amount directly from your checking account.

Student Information:
      First Name:
      Last Name:
     Student ID#:
Billing Address for the bank account:
Contact Information:
Name as it appears on the account:
      First Name:
      Last Name:
Bank Account Information:
      Bank Name:
      Bank Routing Number: (9 digits)     
* Please note that the routing number can be found only on a check, not on a deposit slip.
      Account Number:
      Account Number: (Repeat)     

Amount to be paid: $
Please remember that there is a $1.00 transaction fee for electronic payments. This fee will be reflected in the amount that will be charged and will be shown prior to completing this transaction.

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