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You can apply for for the La Salle College High School Installment Payment Plan (IPP) using this on-line application. You are enrolling in a program that is specifically designed for La Salle College High School and you will be required to comply with the terms and conditions of your respective school’s plan. You can review the details of your respective school’s plan by contacting HES on 1-800-422-0010 and requesting a copy of the school specific brochure or you can review the brochure on-line via the school’s website or the HES website. Please make sure that you have read and understand all of the terms and conditions of the program including the start date, program length, due dates, etc. before sending your electronic application.

To apply for the payment plan electronically, you will need to complete the following information. All fields listed in red are required fields and must be completed for your application to be accepted:

Student Info
First Name: MI:
Last Name:
Address (permanent):
State: Zip Code:
Telephone Number: (555-555-5555)
Student ID Number:
School Name, College or University:
Expected Graduation or Separation Date:
Budgetor (Parent/Guardian) Information
First Name: MI:
Last Name:
Address (permanent):
State: Zip Code:
Telephone Number: (555-555-5555)
E-mail Address:

Budget Amount/Payment Information

Amount Needed to Budget:
Number of Payments:        
Monthly Payment:             
Initial Payment:                  *Includes 1st payment and $50 app. fee
Use the HES Worksheet to assist you in calculating your Budget Amount

HES Worksheet (Optional)
1. Expenses (2019-20 Academic Year)
(Senior Tuition - $25,080)
(Underclass Tuition - $24,550)
Music Program Fee$
($410.00 for instrumental or choral)
Bus Transportation Fee$
($1,500 to $2,700 for La Salle bus routes)
David Program Fee$
2. Credits
Deposit, etc. (paid directly to school)$
Scholarship Award$
Financial Aid$

HES offers participants a number of different methods for making monthly payments. Please select the method that you would like:

Mail Payments – send payment by mail or online banking

Your HES plan will be set up and available online in 1-3 business days. You will receive an email with your HES ID and HES PIN. If you would like payment coupons, you will need to print them directly from the HES website. (Note: When mailing a payment without a coupon or when using online banking through your bank, please include your HES ID in the memo field of the check.) If you are enrolling after the plan start date, you will need to send a payment for the application fee and any payments that are currently due based on the date of your enrollment immediately.

I would like to have HES automatically deduct my monthly
     payments directly from my checking or savings account

HES will automatically charge your account for your monthly payment amount on the payment due date. The initial deduction will include the monthly payment amount and the application fee for enrollment in the plan. If you are electing this option you will need to complete the following information:
Bank Name:
Bank Routing Number:
Account Number:
Account Type (checking or savings):

I would like to have my FIRST PAYMENT ONLY deducted from my checking or savings account immediately. (Note: this option is only authorizing HES to debit your account for the first payment. . You will be responsible for mailing the remaining payments or making these payments online. The first payment is the amount that is due to bring your account up-to-date based on the time of your enrollment.)
Bank Name:
Bank Routing Number:
Account Number:
Account Type (checking or savings):

I would like to make my payments on-line through the HES

Once you have submitted your application, you will need to go to the credit card payment page of the HES website, www.highereducationservices.org to make your payment. Click on the HES on-line payment icon on the right hand side and click on the words "click here" at the end of the first paragraph. You will need to complete the requested information and submit the information in order for your credit card to be processed. There is a convenience fee for using this service.


Before sending your application, you must read the following statement.

I, the above participant hereby apply for enrollment in the Installment Payment Plan administered by Higher Education Services, Inc. (HES). I understand that, as an enrollee in IPP, I will be entitled to the benefits provided by the IPP/HES Plan. I will be required to comply with the terms and conditions of the IPP/HES Plan as outlined in the brochure for the plan that I am enrolling in, including the payment of the application fee and the monthly installment payments of the total budgeted amounts of tuition and fee charges. I understand and intend that this on-line Application will constitute a legally binding agreement.

You acknowledge that you read and understood this statement and you enter into this Agreement by entering your last name, your telephone number and your zip code and submitting this application:

Last Name:       
Phone Number:
Zip Code:          

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