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The HES Installment Payment Plan provides students and parents with a convenient method of paying for educational expenses while providing schools, colleges and universities with the opportunity to improve their cash flow and increase their revenue. The benefits offered through the HES Program are substantial and we urg e you to review the information on the HES program by selecting the category which best fits your circumstances.

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HES offers innovative ways to reduce the administrative expenses of schools, colleges and universities, improve their cash flow through early receipt of tuition and provide them interest earnings through the investment of plan payments by a Trustee.

The HES Installment Payment Plan is flexible to meet the particular needs of any school, college or university. The HES Payment Plan:

  • provides the educational institution with the interest earnings generated by the Trustee's investment of payments received from the plan participants
  • can be adjusted to match the academic calendar of any educational institution
  • assures security of funds and maximum investment earnings through the use of a trustee
  • offers superior and more convenient cash flow by earlier receipt of tuition
  • provides comprehensive monthly reports (hard copy, diskette, modem)
  • handles all contact with families
  • performs due diligence on delinquent accounts
  • offers a life insurance option for all families enrolled in the plan to assure school, college or university receipt of the year's outstanding educational costs.

Customer Service is the core of HES Services. HES will work hard to make your financially rewarding program efficient, client oriented, productive and distinctive.

Students and Parents [top]

An Installment Payment Plan can provide a valuable alternative to the traditional lump sum semester payments you are required to fund to cover educational costs. By participating in an Installment Payment Plan a student or parent can spread educational costs by paying those costs on a monthly basis. Affordable monthly payments enable all students/parents to meet their financial obligations without the need to liquidate assets, deplete savings or undertake excessive borrowing through interest bearing loan programs. The Installment Payment Plan can be used to finance all or any portion of your educational costs. This feature affords students/parents the ability to budget costs as best fits their particular financial and family budget circumstances. If you are taking advantage of the Federal Family Education Loans you can use the Installment Payment Plan to budget the portion of the educational expenses that you must fund after these loans have been paid to the school. On the other hand, students or parents can use the Installment Payment Plan to minimize the amount of loans which are needed to cover educational expenses by using the Installment Payment Plan to pay the portion of these expenses which the student or parent can afford to pay on a monthly basis.

Most schools or colleges have some type of payment plan available to help parents and students. You can get information on these programs through your financial aid office or business office at the school or college you are attending or plan to attend. If your school does not have an Installment Payment Plan in place or if you have further interest in participating in the HES program, please have the school contact the HES web site for information on the HES services or contact the HES office on its toll-free telephone line 1-800-422-0010.

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