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HES is an independent service organization located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. HES has been in business since 1986 providing both educational institutions and families with quality service. The HES management team has a wealth of experience in student aid including installment payment plans, student loans, public finance, banking, investments, marketing, data processing, school administration and program implementation.

Refund Policy: [top]

All refunds are handled in accordance with your school’s normal refund policy. HES does not issue refunds. Payments made to HES are remitted to the school.

Payment Receipt and Processing Policy : [top]

All payments are processed on the day of receipt and posted to your HES account. For checks and electronic payments allow 24-48 hours for the funds to clear your bank account. Credit card payments will immediately process against your credit card account; however, allow 24-48 hours for these funds to be reflected on your HES account.

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Please view our policy here.

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The representatives at Higher Education Services, Inc. are here to serve you.  If you have questions, comments or suggestions please complete the information on the form below or speak with a representative directly by contacting our toll-free number 1-800-422-0010

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Higher Education Services, Inc. (HES) makes every effort to provide information that is both accurate and current. While HES has implemented an extensive system of checks and balances to ensure accuracy errors may still occur. Individuals accessing this website and using the information contained herein do so at their own risk. HES shall not be held responsible for any errors in the material contained on this website or for the omission of information from this website. Further, HES shall not be held liable for any damages or liability arising from the use of the material or information contained on this website.

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